Pirelli will supply the tyres this year and next.


Pirelli must supply 2 different dry weather tyres, 1 intermediate tyre and 1 wet weather tyre for each event.


A driver will be allocated 11 sets of dry weather tyres for the weekend, 6 prime tyres and 5 option tyres, 4 sets of intermediate tyres and 3 sets of wet weather tyres.


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An additional set of prime or option tyres may be issued for free practice sessions 1 and 2 for testing purposes if requested by the tyre supplier and agreed to by the FIA. If the free practice sessions 1 and 2 are wet then an additional set of intermediate tyres will be issued. These extra tyres must be returned to the tyre supplier before free practice session 3.


The different tyres must have unique sidewall markings. Pirelli have said that they will improve on the markings used last year.


Tyre warmers are blankets which use resistive heating elements and may only act on the outer surface of the tyre. The outer surface was introduced because when blankets were introduced as the only permissible heating means, Ferrari built cabinets in which they placed the tyres and used the warming blankets to heat the whole cabinet.


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Tyres have to be returned to the tyre supplier in this manner - 1 set of prime tyres after free practice session 1, 1 set of prime and 1 set of option tyres after free practice session 2 and 1 set of prime and 1 set of option tyres after free practice session 3. This leaves 3 sets of prime and 3 sets of option tyres for qualifying and the race.


The tyres used in qualifying period 3 (top 10 drivers) to set the qualifying time have to be used to start the race.


Both dry weather tyres must be used during a race unless the race is declared wet and the intermediate and/or the wet weather tyres are used.


Wet tyres must be used if the race is started or restarted behind the safety car for reasons of wet weather.

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